Spotify announces its simplified Car View mode is being ‘retired’

Spotify announces its simplified Car View mode is being ‘retired’

When Spotify unveiled its stripped down Car View mode in 2019, it sounded like a clever approach to keep drivers from becoming distracted while driving. Extraneous components like as menu buttons and album art were removed if you connected to your automobile through Bluetooth.

Instead, it provided huge buttons for pausing and playing music, jumping to the previous or next track, and liking a particular song. Nifty! But don’t get too attached, because Spotify has stated that the feature will be “retired,” according to a recent support thread.

Spotify is “actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience,” according to a Spotify moderator responding to a user who noticed the option had vanished from his Android app. They went on to say that deleting the car view was important in order to “make way for new innovations.” That’s understandable, but it doesn’t excuse the removal of a vital safety element without a clear replacement.

The moderator suggested controlling Spotify hands-free with Google Assistant (or Siri on iOS), which would also function while navigating with Google or Apple Maps. To be fair, many individuals (including myself) find up controlling music while driving.

It’s possible that Spotify is downplaying Car View because there are so many other methods to listen to music in automobiles. If you have a modern car with CarPlay or Android Auto, you’ll never see Car View in action because you’ll be interacting with your in-dash display. Many vehicles from the last ten years have media controls built into the steering wheel.

Of course, as some Spotify users pointed out in the forum thread, there’s a more malicious goal. It’s possible that the corporation is attempting to promote Car Thing, its $80 display accessory. It was a useful addition for older cars, but it seemed unnecessary when you could simply mount your phone and operate Spotify directly.

However, without Car View mode, that bizarre device appears to be more useful. However, in most cases like these, the simplest explanation is that firms realise particular features aren’t being used very much.

They have gone out to Spotify for a complete explanation of Car View’s demise, and they will keep you updated as soon as they hear back.

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