Republican National Convention 2024: How to Stream It Online

Republican National Convention 2024: How to Stream It Online

Thousands of visitors are expected at the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in less than a week.

The convention is closed to everyone except delegates, politicians, media representatives and volunteers. However, viewers can follow the event on various media platforms and streaming services. To watch the convention next week:

When does the RNC start next week?

The main program of the RNC will take place from July 15 to 18. The RNC’s major events calendar can be found here.

What channels will stream the RNC?

According to an RNC spokesperson, the following channels will allow you to stream the RNC: YouTube, X, Facebook Live, Rumble, Amazon Prime, Twitch and Direct TV.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will also be streaming the RNC events

FOX News Media will also provide coverage across all platforms, including FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, FOX News Audio, FOX New Digital and FOX Nation.

Where is the RNC taking place?

Fiserv Forum, home of the Milwaukee Bucks, is the main venue for the RNC. It’s located in the Kilbourne Town neighborhood of downtown Milwaukee, just west of the Milwaukee River. The stadium is at 1111 Vel R.
Phillips Ave.

Panther Arena and Baird Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will also be used as venues.

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