PokerStars exits the Asian market without warning, causing damage to the rights of Asian players

After its parent company PokerStars recently merged with British gaming giant Flutter Entertainment, the world’s largest online poker site PokerStars withdrew from the Asian market without warning and ignored the Asian version of players.

PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker platform and has a large market share in Asia, especially China.

6UP is recognized as the exclusive partner of Asian PokerStars. Since 2019, The Stars Group’s subsidiaries PokerStars and 6UP have signed an agreement for their partnership in Asia. They officially launched an online poker platform.

On September 1, 2020, without informing 6UP, PokerStars officially announced its withdrawal from the Asian market .

After receiving the withdrawal notice, 6UP and Poker Stars conducted arduous negotiations , But soon the communication reached a deadlock. PokerStars insists on closing the Asian market regardless of the interests and interests of Asian customers.

According to the rules and regulations of the poker industry, this term means that if either party proposes to terminate this agreement during the agreement period, the other party must be notified in advance in writing. The contract can be terminated only after the parties have signed the termination agreement.

However, PokerStars was extremely perfunctory on this contract and was considered to be an exploitation of 6UP, the only partner in Asia. Their decision was considered hasty and irresponsible, and it even failed the trust of Asian players.

According to reliable sources, 6UP will authorize legal action against PokerStars’ parent company, Flutter Entertainment, to prove that the terms and agreements reached are reasonable, seek compensation for loss of goodwill and profits, and stand up for the rights of Asian players.

We regret the withdrawal of PokerStars. Once upon a time, this was a testimony of the strength in the hearts of Chinese players. We found many domestic masters on PokerStars. They also created their own glory here. In any case, this kind of withdrawal will cause losses to poker lovers or PokerStars.

We also look forward to a proper result from this commercial dispute. Not only give up the interests of partners, but the party who violates the rights of customers must bear the legal consequences. In the long run, their reputation will be damaged.

Company Name: 6UP


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