OLED EX next-generation technology provides improved brightness and accuracy, According to LG

OLED EX next-generation technology provides improved brightness and accuracy, According to LG

LG makes some of our best OLED TVs, so it’s worth paying attention when the firm claims to have improved its underlying panel technology. LG Display today announced OLED EX, their next-generation OLED technology, which the firm claims would increase brightness by up to 30%, improve picture accuracy, and allow for lower bezels in finished products.

Two fundamental changes are responsible for these improvements. The first is the use of deuterium in LG’s OLED panels’ chemical makeup, and the second is the application of algorithmic image processing. LG claims that the latter will “preciprecisely [control] the display’s energy input to more accurately express the details and colours of the video content being played” by predicting the usage of each individual light emitting diode in your TV based on your particular watching patterns.

All of this sounds great, but they will have to wait until they get a chance to see these new panels in person to determine whether OLED EX is a big upgrade or only a minor advancement with some passionate branding. (On that topic, LG clarifies that the “EX” in OLED EX stands for “evolution” and “experience.”) I thought that was very ’90s.)

LG’s statements about OLED EX’s reduced bezel sizes are at least a little more concrete. Based on calculations involving a 65-inch OLED panel, the business claims it will be able to cut bezel thickness from 6mm to 4mm. On paper, it doesn’t seem like much of a change, but given how well-optimized this technology is already, every small improvement needs to be battled for.

LG said it would begin putting OLED EX technology into all of its OLED panels in the second quarter of 2022, though it is unclear how long this technology will take to reach consumers. LG has been demonstrating new transparent screens as well as reclining, curved OLED thrones at this year’s CES conference, in addition to enhancing its OLED technology.

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