Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO, has released the new social app ‘Campfire’

Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO, has released the new social app ‘Campfire’

A mobile game developer based in San Francisco with a focus on augmented reality, Niantic was founded in 2010. Pokemon GO was created in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokemon Business after the company parted from Google back in 2015. In the end, this was a huge success in 2016, with at least a billion downloads by 2019. The business created a number of other mobile games using the same augmented reality technology as a result of the game’s enormous popularity.

This led to the creation of games like Peridot, a brand-new original augmented reality (AR) game for smartphones, Pikmin Bloom, another Nintendo-related smartphone collaboration, and even a collaboration with the NBA to create a game that is comparable to Pokemon GO. Players may find it challenging to plan a session to go around and play or engage in activities in their area with all of these Niantic games. To manage these, Niantic is launching a brand-new social media application called Campfire.

Mobile gamers can use Campfire, a community-based tool, to find other players of certain Niantic games like Pokemon GO. More specifically, it gives supporters a method to take part in community gatherings or events by using a dynamic map of the player’s location. They might use this to see what games or activities others had participated in and their locations at the time the incident occurred. This makes it simple for users to locate one another in their local areas and even create some new friends there.

Players can add friends across all Niantic games because they are all located in the top right corner. The player’s Niantic ID, Friend List, and Profile are all synced with this. Additionally, this application has a Direct and Group messaging system that enables users to quickly communicate details about raids, gyms, locations, and images from Pokemon GO, for example. Location sharing is an optional feature that runs for an hour before automatically ceasing to function.

The ability to utilise Campfire in several Pokemon GO Regions throughout the summer is presently coming out internationally. As time passes, Niantic’s social media outlets will post updates regarding region availability. However, given the quantity of cancelled projects and layoffs at Niantic that have recently been publicised, it’s possible that this social programme will just be useful for the well-liked games the firm is now maintaining, like Pokemon GO.

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