New Year’s Eve: Google doodle celebrates last day of 2022

New Year’s Eve: Google doodle celebrates last day of 2022

The resurgence of COVID-19 has somewhat dampened the enthusiasm with which the world will bid farewell to 2022 and prepare for 2023. On the web, the omnipresent web search tool Google is denoting the finish of 2022 by drawing out another dynamic doodle.

Tapping on the Google Doodle, which has “2022” in the middle, and firecrackers going off behind the scenes, drives clients to research’s New Year’s Eve page, enhanced with a confetti shower.

Google said as it counted down to the new year, “Today’s Doodle celebrates New Year’s Eve, a time to reminisce about 2022 and look forward to a fresh start in 2023.” “Here’s to the great things that will come in 2023!” Whether you’re setting goals for the coming year or lighting fireworks,

All over the planet, the beginning of 2023 will be set apart with dynamite firecrackers and lights, enormous gatherings as well as little social occasions.

1,000,000 pyrotechnics will light up the sky in Sydney, Australia, making it the most famous display.

According to AFP, more than a million people are expected to gather at Sydney Harbour to watch the fireworks.

When the clock strikes twelve in the morning, thousands of people will congregate in Times Square in New York City to witness a glittering ball fall to the ground.

These celebrations can be viewed on social media and television for those who choose to stay in.

Meanwhile, New Year’s celebrations in China will have been muted due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. This year, there won’t be any formal events near Shanghai’s famous waterfront.

However, many bars, restaurants, and shopping malls will host New Year’s Eve parties now that zero-covid policies are no longer in place.

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