National Swimming Pool Day 2024: Explore the World’s Top 5 Largest Swimming Pools

National Swimming Pool Day 2024: Explore the World’s Top 5 Largest Swimming Pools

Celebrated annually on July 11, National Pool Day pays tribute to one of the most popular summer pastimes: the pool. Whether public or private, swimming pools are a symbol of relaxation, recreation, and a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Families and friends often gather poolside to swim, sunbathe, and socialize, creating the ultimate summer memories.

On National Pool Day, communities often host events such as pool parties, swim meets, and safety awareness programs to promote water safety and fun. Swimming pools are not only a fun way to cool off during hot weather, they also provide opportunities for exercise, relaxation, and family bonding. The day serves as a day to recognise the joy and benefits swimming pools bring to individuals and communities, and to highlight the pool’s role as a centre for summer fun and relaxation.

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

This pool in Algarrobo, Chile, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest swimming pool by area. It covers eight hectares and is about 1,013 meters long. It contains an astounding 250 million liters of filtered seawater pumped from the Pacific Ocean.

2. CityStars Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

This Egyptian resort is home to one of the world’s largest man-made swimming pools. It features a meandering river-like course set over 5 acres and surrounded by lush landscaping and resort facilities.

3. Crystal Lagoon, City of Stars, Egypt

Another huge pool in Egypt, part of the City of Stars project, is set to surpass San Alfonso del Mar’s current record. Spread over 12 hectares, the crystal clear waters are perfect for relaxation and water sports.

4. Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

Though now closed, the Seagaia Ocean Dome in Miyazaki, Japan was once thought to be the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. Measuring 300 metres in length and over 100 metres in width, it features artificial waves and a retractable roof for a year-round beach experience.

5. The Orthlieb Swimming Pool, Casablanca, Morocco

Morocco’s Orslieve Swimming Pool is one of the world’s largest outdoor pools, measuring 150 metres in length and 50 metres in width. It serves as a training facility for professional swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

Impressive in their size, these swimming pools offer a range of amenities and recreational opportunities suitable for both recreational swimmers and enthusiasts. Wishing you all a very happy National Pool Day.

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