Meet the multi-talented Simone Ferretti, who has carved his own niche through impeccable work

Meet the multi-talented Simone Ferretti, who has carved his own niche through impeccable work

After conquering many fields, he has emerged as one of the most preferred figures in the influencer marketing arena.

The majority of businesses are now investing a major chunk of their marketing budget on branded content and effective influencer marketing. The main benefit for brands is that they are showcasing themselves in front of dozens of individuals that are emotionally attached to a certain person. These people, who tend to follow their favourite influencers daily, are more likely to believe that the products or services used by them might be worth the price and, therefore, are more willing to try comparing to when they see a normal AD on tv.

Amongst the few popular influencers, we have one name who has grabbed loads of attention in the space and that, today, is looked upon as the most followed online personalities. His name is Simone. People know about this popular influencer as he has been a protagonist in the digital scene since a

while, but not many know about the story behind this successful individual. Let’s take a sneak peek into his journey to know more about him in detail.

He started his career as a model at the age of 19 when he won one the ‘Mr Italy’ titles which is a well known event in the country. He moved to Hong Kong in 2017 to pursue his career as a model and fitness trainer. “Things were pretty well at that point of time. I was utilising my free time making cinematic videos which were much appreciated by my friends. This gave me a boost in confidence and I started thinking how I could transform my passion into profession. After mastering mobile videography I purchased my first camera to level up the game and produce better content to post online” says Simone.

Soon he learnt the art of making engaging 10/20-second videos to showcase various products and services. Gradually, his popularity began to grow on social media resulting in many brands and businesses approaching him to endorse their products or services. He finally made it big when some of the big brands like Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi and other, approached him.

Shortly after, loads of other big brands requested endorsements making him one of the most popular influencers on the block.

In 2019, he moved to London to further increase his knowledge in business. There, he concentrated on developing his online presence by making photography tutorials on TikTok and Instagram and YouTube. His short video tutorials were so engaging that his follower base grew to more than 500k+ on TikTok and 100k+ on Instagram. “I always wanted to train people and spread my knowledge about photography and social media. This encouraged me to start my online coaching programs which has garnered much appreciation from all quarters since their launch”.

Today, he is known for creating fabulous short content on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, and long in-depth courses about photo/videography and online growth on his website. While his videos promoting various international brands have become a rage, he also works as a social media consultant helping brands to strengthen their digital presence.





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