LinkedIn Rolls Out Advanced AI Job Search Features for Premium Users

LinkedIn Rolls Out Advanced AI Job Search Features for Premium Users

LinkedIn is rolling out new AI-powered features designed to help users find jobs, customize resumes, and get advice from AI chatbots. However, these new features will initially be available in English only to premium subscribers worldwide, and will come at a cost.

The tool lets you search for jobs on LinkedIn by entering natural language prompts. In a blog post, Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s chief product officer, gives the example, “Find remote marketing jobs in Detroit that pay at least $110,000.” If the results are good, we can imagine this is a useful way to find potential jobs.

LinkedIn can also review your resume and offer personalized suggestions to improve specific job offers. You can upload your resume, get feedback, and “make edits interactively with AI,” LinkedIn’s Rohan Rajiv said in a blog post. There’s also a tool that lets you write a cover letter “from scratch” using AI.

These features add to other AI-powered features available only to premium members that LinkedIn began testing late last year, which included the ability to aggregate posts from your LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn isn’t just using AI to help you with your job search. The company will also test a handful of expert AI personas you can converse with to learn more about business-related topics. (These are like a LinkedIn version of Meta’s celebrity chatbots.) “The responses you’ll receive are trained by experts and represent a blend of insights that are personalized to each learner’s unique needs,” Cohen says. The instructor list includes Alicia Rees, Anil Gupta, Drs. Gemma Leigh Roberts and Lisa Gates.

The company also promises to use generative AI to improve search on the platform in general, without revealing many details. “With our new search capabilities, every search interaction becomes smarter — whether you’re looking to find someone, explore jobs, conduct outreach, or seek knowledge and answers,” Cohen said. “AI is set to revolutionize our search capabilities, enabling you to explore the depth and breadth of any topic directly through LinkedIn search.” Cohen promises that search enhancements will be rolled out “in the coming weeks.”


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