Krispy Kreme’s ‘Strawberry Glaze Craze’ doughnuts are back by popular demand for a limited time

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Strawberry Glaze Craze’ doughnuts are back by popular demand for a limited time

Krispy Kreme is back at it once more, however this time with a limited-time strawberry glaze.

The national doughnut chain reported Thursday that it will bring back its beloved strawberry treats beginning on April 26.

Clients who track down a participating shop will actually want to pick between an ordinary Strawberry Glazed Doughnut and Strawberry Kreme Filled Doughnut.

The two doughnuts feature a sweet, pastel pink glaze that should possess a flavor like the red berry. In any case, the latter is filled with Krispy Kreme’s signature Strawberry Kreme Filling.

It’s not the first time through the doughnut chain has played around with strawberry flavoring. In 2020, Krispy Kreme presented its strawberry glazed offering in a springtime trio that additionally included key lime and lemon. The two strawberry glazed doughnuts were just sold between April 28 and May 1, 2020.

On Krispy Kreme’s regular menu, the chain sells two forms of its strawberry iced doughnut (with and without sprinkles) and two powdered doughnuts with two different strawberry fillings.

“Last year, fans couldn’t get enough of Strawberry Glaze and have been asking for it to come back ever since,” Krispy Kreme’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena said, in a statement. “So we’re bringing it back. Hurry in and enjoy!”

Krispy Kreme’s restoration of its strawberry frosted doughnuts comes just a short time after it finished up its restricted run of Oreo frosted doughnuts, which finished on Sunday, April 18.

In any case, the strawberry frosted doughnuts will have a more limited runtime that close on Wednesday, May 6.

While Krispy Kreme keeps on experiment with flavors and limited-time offers, a few doughnuts become pillars or rotational menu items depending on consumer demand.

For instance, the chain brought back its three Reese’s doughnuts last summer as a limited-time trio, and by August 2020 the Reese’s Classic Doughnut became a permanent menu item. In the interim, shops cross country partake in Krispy Kreme’s month to month “Thank Goodness It’s Chocolate” promotion, which releases a limited-supply of chocolate glazed doughnuts on select Fridays.

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