International Widows’ Day 2021: Know Theme, History and Importance of the day

International Widows’ Day 2021: Know Theme, History and Importance of the day

International Widows’ Day 2021 is on Wednesday, 23rd June 2021. Widow’s Day is an awareness day of the United Nation that is noticed all through the world to discuss the difficulties that widows face when their husbands die. Aside from this international day, National Widows’ Day is additionally seen on the third of May each year in the United States. Regardless of whether it is National Widows’ Day or International Widows’ Day, the two days are designated to highlight the issues of widows and urge individuals to help widows in battling against the difficulties of life.

Theme of International Widow Day 2021:

This year the theme of International Widow Day is “Invisible Women, Invisible Problems.” This theme highlights the way that a woman’s identity is attached to her partner, and after their husband’s death, the issues looked by the women are ignored by policymakers.

History of International Widow Day:

Credit of observing International Widow’s Day for the first time in history i.e. 2005, goes to Loomba Foundation. Raj Loomba, an Indian national is the founder of this Loomba Foundation. In 1997, Raj alongside his better half Veena Choudhary established Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba Trust in the UK and afterward renamed it as “Loomba Foundation”.

Loomba got a lot of admiration among governmental and non-governmental organizations in India and abroad. The government of India likewise assisted Raj Loomba to convince the international community about the difficulties widows face. At long last, on 21st December 2010, the UN General Assembly received a resolution designating a day for widows. The motivation behind noticing this day is to eradicate the “poverty and injustice faced by millions of widows and their dependents. The United Nations has also added the goal of liberating widows from social discrimination into its Sustainable Development Goals.

Importance of International Widow Day 2021:

Rajinder Paul Loomba thought of this foundation as he was motivated by his mother’s struggle to raise him in the wake of turning into a widow at 37 years old. Through this foundation, he began working away at the issues looked by a widow in developing countries. Additionally, the foundation intently works with the children of a widow in developing and poor countries. The Loomba Foundation is effectively working in countries including India and other African and Asian nations.

International Widows’ Day and COVID-19 Pandemic:

Coronavirus has startled the world through its fatal attacks and there is an considerable expansion in the quantity of Widows. In this unique circumstance, policymakers should take solid measures to resolve the issues of the existing widows and should explore different women who have become widows because of Corona Virus COVID-19. Subsequently the meaning of International Widows day is additionally expanded in the post-COVID-19 time.

Working widows don’t acquire much in our society while the pandemic has rendered them jobless. On the current year’s Widows Day, they should resolute on national, social and individual level to make such a supportive cycle for widows that future hazards may not grab their bread and butter.

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