International Midwives’ Day 2021: Know History, Theme, Importance and How to celebrate this day?

International Midwives’ Day 2021: Know History, Theme, Importance and How to celebrate this day?

Every year 5 May is celebrated as International Midwives’ Day to recognize the commitment of midwives in childbirth. The individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, midwives are ladies who help pregnant ladies in bringing birth to their child.

In old occasions when there were no talented and professional doctors and gynaecologists, pregnant women brought birth to their children with the assistance of midwives as the later has the practical knowledge of childbirth. Indeed, even today in certain pieces of the world, pregnant women look for the assistance of midwives to deliver their babies at home. In this manner, to regard the honorable work of these ladies, the International Midwives’ Day is noticed.

History of International Midwives’ Day:

In the event that you turn the pages of history, you will come to know the greater part of the ladies delivered their children with the assistance of midwives. During those days they lacked medical and health facilities, you will discover numerous traditions where midwifery was common. The midwives were prepared by understanding the troublesome and wonderful notion of childbirth. They had a down to earth information on taking care of childbirth and afterward taking care of the new mother and her baby.

Yet, today these midwives are no not exactly prepared professionals. They are regularly seen at hospitals and clinics assisting doctors and nurses. They are presently more talented and educated as compared to those in ancient times.

Theme of International Midwives’ Day 2021:

The theme for 2021 International Day of the Midwife is “Follow the Data: Invest in Midwives.”

Importance of International Midwives’ Day:

The goal behind observing this day is to empower midwives across the world. The partners, workers and supporters of midwives are given the responsibility of spreading awareness about midwives across the world.

It aims to instruct midwives about maternity mortality and disabilities identified with the regenerative and other related disabilities.

As of now, the world is facing a shortage of midwives. Indeed, even in this period where they have world-class medical and health facilities, midwives are needed in country regions to at any rate take care of the new-born child and the new mother.

Nowadays midwives are prepared by professionals to help women deliver their children and care for their newly born child. It is critical to specify that midwives have been saving the lives of children and pregnant women with their abilities and stunning work.

How to celebrate International Midwife Day?

Though the world is going through the severe outbreak of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease, you can still celebrate this day by following ways:

  • Finding out about maternity care and the role it plays in home-birthing.
  • In the event that you know a midwife or one assisted you with bringing birth to your child, make certain to send them a note to say thanks or call them and disclose to them you like them.
  • Why not search for various ways that you can inform the public about midwives?
  • Create a social media campaign. In case you’re for all intents and purposes learned with the Internet and you have a decent online presence, you can encourage people to join in and share their own experiences regarding midwifery care.

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