In Israel’s American Football Opener Wolves Sweep Rhinos, Lions Swarm and Hammers Victorious

In Israel’s American Football Opener Wolves Sweep Rhinos, Lions Swarm and Hammers Victorious

The Wolves’ Kayla Grodner scored two noteworthy TDs for their group, The Jerusalem “Enormous Blue” Lions got their three-peat title resistance off to a decent start with a 31-15 triumph

The youthful Paige’s Lakers/Wolves were at last clickingas they dominated the two matches a weekend ago against Rashbag Rhinos 14-8 and 7-0 for its initial two triumphs of the Women’s American Football in Israel (WAFI) season.

The Wolves’ Kayla Grodner scored two amazing TDs for their group, while TVA’s Deena Karger scored a TD for hers in the principal game. Miriam Wolf got a lovely TD pass and additional point for the solitary score in game two.

Undefeated Big Blue likewise dominated the two its matches to go an ideal 6-0, bringing down Just Not Fare 13-12 and 21-0. Enormous Blue mobilized twice in game one, first coordinating a pick-6 by Racheli Abell with a TD by Daniella Brown, and afterward noting a TD go from Shulamit Iram to Aliza Zalcman with a gymnastic scoring get by Eli Baumol in the last moment of the game. In game two, Eli Baumol scored twice and Daniella Friedman included another score for Big Blue in the shutout.

In the mean time, Judean Rebels split their games with Kosher Casual, which proved to be the best 13-6 with two TDs by Michal Alge and Penny Rabin, just to lose 13-7 in the last match. In the main game, Tiferet Atkin scored a touchdown for the Rebels, while Shelby Atkin included the additional point. In game two the tables were turned, with Atkin and Rivka Weinberg making TD gatherings for the champs, while Kosher Casuals’ focuses were scored by Michal Alge.

Somewhere else, Wildkatz and Eden’s Eagles played to two 6-6 ties. The primary game saw TDs by Atara Hershberg of the Eagles and a Wildkatz TD by Jessica Zemble. Game two Avigail Schiff score for the Wildkatz.

The Jerusalem “Large Blue” Lions got their three-peat title protection off to a decent start with a 31-15 triumph at home over the Haifa “Nemo” Underdogs.

The game itself was not as close as the last score may demonstrate, as the Lions hopped out to a 19-0 lead and never thought back.

The ruling most important player David Fitoussi had 15 conveys for 135 yards and two touchdowns for the victors.

Haifa tight end Amitai Chubinsky got five goes for 78 yards and both of Haifa’s scores.

The Beersheva Black Swarm defeated a final quarter shortfall, rolling out 19 straight focuses, including a pick-six by protective end Seena Abass, to take their season opener out and about, beating the host Mazkeret Batya “Fabio Sanitary” Silverbacks 26-13.

New kid on the block quarterback Ido Avni finished 14/27 goes for 171 yards and two scores, while their Silverback partner, Ido Eisikovits, had 11/23 for 102 yards and two touchdowns.

The Ramat HaSharon Hammers crushed the Beit Shemesh Judean Rebels 42-28, behind a solid running match-up lead by Danel Mityakov, who completed the game with 21 conveys for 144 yards.

Mallets newcomer Barak Katzir got three touchdown goes, as they pulled away late in the second from last quarter. Radicals’ tenderfoot Yaakov Rabinowitz got six goes for 133 yards and a score.

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