How to utilise the Magic Eraser, one of the best features of the Pixel 6a

How to utilise the Magic Eraser, one of the best features of the Pixel 6a

Many features that take advantage of machine learning are made possible by the Google-built Tensor processor, which drives the new Pixel 6a. These functions range from the ability to screen incoming calls to real-time speech translation on your phone. But Magic Eraser, a truly excellent photo editing tool, is the Tensor-enabled feature that you’re most likely to use first and frequently.

With the release of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro last fall, Magic Eraser made its appearance. Magic Eraser allows Pixel 6a owners to edit images by quickly and easily erasing undesired persons or objects, just like it did on those phones. Magic Eraser will automatically identify persons and items that might be obstructing your photo when you simply select the function.

Magic Eraser has picked up a new trick for the Pixel 6a, and it’s called camouflage. This skill enables you to conceal objects that might be detracting attention from the shot’s main subject. You may easily make an object blend into the background by simply drawing over it with your finger to transform it to a less conspicuous colour. If you own a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you shouldn’t feel left out because Google is releasing a software update that will enable the improved Magic Eraser with Camouflage on those devices as well.

Although you’ve discovered that Camouflage can also help to play down any distractions off to the side of your subject, according to Google, the Magic Eraser tool works best for erasing distractions from the backdrop. When there is a clear background, like a beach scene, the erase feature works best; the busier the background, the more probable it is that you will still see traces of the objects and people you’ve eliminated from the photo. Since Magic Eraser now includes camouflage, let’s take a closer look at how it functions. A reminder on how to utilise the erase tool to remove individuals from the background of a picture can be found in our guide on how to use Magic Eraser on your Pixel device.

How to use Magic Eraser on the Pixel: Camouflage

  1. Select the image you wish to edit and click the Edit button.
  2. Navigate to Tools by scrolling down the bar just below the various photo effects. Pick that, then pick Magic Eraser from the option that appears above it.
  3. In order to prevent the blue raft from detracting focus from the boat, we will attempt to obstruct it in this instance. Tap Camouflage to do that.
  4. With your finger, lightly brush or circle the item you want to conceal.
  5. The Magic Eraser tool will quickly change the hue to a less striking one as you stop brushing. Tap Done in the bottom right corner if you like what you see. You can try again by selecting Reset in the lower left corner.
  6. Select Save Copy to add the altered photo to your photo library as a backup. Also present will be the original.

Magic Eraser on the Pixel: How to Use the Eraser

To reach the point where you have selected the Magic Eraser option, repeat steps 1 and 2 above. This time, we’re going to keep the Eraser tool selected rather than Camouflage.

1. The Magic Eraser will highlight individuals and things it can erase by default. If you agree with the suggestions, press the areas that have been highlighted to remove them. You may also choose Erase All to finish the process faster.

2. In this case, you’ve kept the people in the balcony above while erasing most of the people the tool highlighted. Although I could hit Reset to bring back the erased folks, I’m going to touch Done because I’m happy with this modification. You can undo and redo your latest changes using the arrows between those two buttons.

3. To save a copy of the finished project, simply click Save Copy. All of the work is undone by cancel. You looked at Magic Eraser’s box office results when it first came out last fall.

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