How to use every new feature in iOS 16

How to use every new feature in iOS 16

A new software update will soon follow the formal release of the iPhone 14 series.

On September 12, iOS 16 will be available for download and will work with iPhone models 8 and newer, as well as the second- and third-generation iPhone SE. The software update is, as always, a great free way to feel like your older phone just received a facelift, even if the most recent iPhones are as expensive as ever. And with this upgrade, in particular, the Lock Screen will have a completely new appearance. Below, we provide helpful, step-by-step instructions on how to use all of iOS 16’s most intriguing and useful features.

How to edit your Lock Screen-

The first time you look at your phone, from dynamic picture effects to changing your fonts, will never be the same. You can add functional elements like widgets in addition to cosmetic changes like selecting a unique emoji background pattern. When you’ve created the ideal Lock Screen, you can link it to a particular Focus Mode, such as Do Not Disturb, to relate the settings of your phone to the settings of your life.

How to use the new features in iMessage-

Those prone to errors or regrettable texts now get a second (or third, or fourth…) chance thanks to the new software update. Texting has become much more difficult, whether you need to retract a sent message, amend a typo, or simply mark a message as unread to remind yourself to respond later. Just keep in mind that in order for any of these new features to function, your receiver must also have iOS 16 downloaded, so don’t attempt to be too cunning! Through SharePlay, you may now stream music or videos with others through iMessage.

How to improve accessibility on your iPhone-

Numerous new accessibility features are included in iOS 16’s releases. FaceTime calls will be instantly translated into text by Live Captions, facilitating iPhone communication with the hard-of-hearing community. Users of the improved sound recognition tool will be able to design their own sounds that will trigger alerts if they are detected in their house. Additionally, the Magnifier app’s new door detection feature will make it a little bit easier for blind people to navigate unfamiliar settings.

How to advance in the photography game-

People who frequently alter their images to convey a particular mood can now do it much more quickly. Similar to building a custom filter, the ability to copy and paste picture adjustments allows you to apply a batch of aesthetic edits to one or more photos. Instead of emailing each photo individually to a large group of friends and family members, you may upload all of your excellent photos to a shared iCloud Library because, let’s face it, who has time for that?

How to increase the utility of your iPhone-

If you love sports, your phone probably already has a million sports applications downloaded. But what if you could just follow all of the news regarding your preferred sports teams in a single location? Oh, you lucky thing!

Last but not least, Live Text for video eliminates the need to memorise the information from the video before actually using it, which is a win for all the lazy people out there. If you frequently take a lot of photos and videos of things you might need later — think phone numbers, addresses, and recipes — this feature will come in handy.

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