How to empty your YouTube cache to increase performance and free up space

How to empty your YouTube cache to increase performance and free up space

YouTube can store a significant amount of data on your phone or computer when used regularly. YouTube can eat up a lot of your storage space over time, but it does this to make it run better and faster.

Assuming that you want to recover that space — or on the other hand in the event that you are investigating an issue with YouTube and you need to check whether going through the reserve could determine the issue — it’s sufficiently straightforward to clear the YouTube cache. But the steps will be different if you use the YouTube website in a browser or the YouTube app on your phone.

How to Clear the YouTube Cache on an Android Device –

Clearing the YouTube cache on an Android device is a simple process. Tap Apps to open the Settings app on your phone. Tap YouTube after tapping See all apps if necessary. Tap Clear cache after tapping Storage & cache.

How to clear the YouTube cache on an iPhone –

Despite the fact that Apple does not provide a one-tap method for clearing an app’s cache like Android does, the procedure is still relatively simple. You need to delete the YouTube app from your iPhone. This not only gets rid of the app, but it also deletes all of the data in the cache that is currently stored. Simply reinstall YouTube from the App Store and sign back into your Google account after deleting the app.

How to clear the YouTube cache in a web browser –

The YouTube cache works slightly differently when you use a web browser. There isn’t a separate cache on your Windows or Mac computer for each website you visit. Instead, your browser has a single data cache that you can clear whenever you need to. Typically, this cache can be found in the browser’s Settings menu. This is how to clear the cache in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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