How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Life with Fitness

How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Life with Fitness

Fitness is a growing trend and a key component in the concept of total body wellness. Even if your spa doesn’t have exercise equipment, you can still introduce the latest programs and services to keep people active and healthy. Moreover, if possible, consider offering some of these at your spa to support your clients’ wellness journey and boost your business.

First, let’s look at what’s trending now. Canfitpro recently released the results of their 2023 Health and Fitness Trends Study. The top 10 fitness program trends in Canada for 2024 have been revealed to help you achieve greater lifestyle balance, age healthily and improve your overall wellbeing:

  • Active Aging & Exercise for Seniors (Staying Mobility as You Age)
  • Functional Fitness (Weight, Balance & Stability Training, Core Training)
  • Mental Health & Stress Management Programs (Mindfulness & Meditation)
  • Active Recovery & Recovery (Foam Rolling, Portable Impact Equipment, Cryotherapy)
  • Group Fitness Courses & Programs (Individual Courses, Tabata Courses, Stretching, Tai Chi)
  • Personal Training
  • Mind & Body Programs
  • Continuing Education (Training & Self-Study)
  • Online Personal Training/Fitness Classes/Wellness Coaching
  • Meal Planning & Nutrition Programs

As you can see, there are many fitness disciplines that are essential to health, most of which have nothing to do with weightlifting. In addition to these great insights, you should check out and consider on your personal health journey:

Cozy Cardio: Not everyone is looking for HIIT level classes. Think self-care, gentle yoga, low-impact dance, tai chi, and qigong.

Pickleball: This is a great new sport, but should be introduced and played in moderation, as sports-related injuries often end up in the hospital.

Hybrid Workout: You like this one because it fits the lifestyle of modern people. The hybrid program will include in-spa workouts and at-home exercises with video-style virtual training.

Tech-based fitness: Apps like Physmodo use computer vision to quantify body movement and provide quick, easily repeatable movement assessments that allow users to track daily progress.

Hormone Therapy for Women: Live better and age beautifully. Discover new ways to use data to support women at every stage of their health journey, from menstrual cycles and exercise plans to nutrition, recovery and more.

Sleep: You don’t need a double-blind study to know that calm, restful sleep improves everything for your body and mind. There are plenty of treatments, products, devices and apps that improve sleep.

Vibration Devices: You have been using Power Plate devices for over 10 years. They are part of my morning routine. They move the “oil” in the body and make your day run smoother.

Be sure to let us know how you plan to incorporate health and fitness into your personal life and spa wellness services.


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