How to add close friends on Instagram

How to add close friends on Instagram

Instagram’s early years made it difficult to keep Stories hidden from users. To choose who followers to hide a Story from, you had to delve into that Story’s settings. Then, you had to go into that Story’s settings and remove the block if you wanted those followers to be able to see the following Story.

However, Instagram launched the close friends function in 2018, which makes sharing content with a small group more simpler. You’ll have the option to share a Story exclusively with that list of close friends once you’ve established one. The choice can help you relax if you’re submitting something that might be controversial, private, or NSFW.

We’ll show you how to start adding people to your list of close friends if you don’t already know how.

How to add friends in the Instagram app:

  • Open the Instagram app for iOS or Android.
  • In the bottom right corner, tap your avatar.
  • Select Close Friends from the menu by tapping the top-right menu button.
  • You might see a screen with a Get Started button if you don’t currently have a close friends list. Tap it. That opens a page with a list of suggestions for persons to include at the top of your list and a link to instructions on how to use it. Select Create List after deciding on your initial list.
  • You will now see your current list of close friends when you pick Close Friends. Enter their names (or Instagram usernames) in the search bar at the top of the screen, then press the checkbox next to their names to add them as friends.
  • Simply uncheck the circle to the right of any names you want to remove from the list.

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