Here’s When ‘The Garfield Movie’ Will Be Available for Digital Streaming

Here’s When ‘The Garfield Movie’ Will Be Available for Digital Streaming

The hit animated film “The Garfield Movie,” starring Chris Pratt as the voice of Garfield, will soon be available for digital streaming.

“The Garfield Movie” tells Garfield’s origin story and how the orange tabby kitten was born to his human “dad” Jon Arbuckle (Nicholas Hoult) and his dog Odie (voiced by Harvey Guillen).

The film also explores the past of Garfield and his estranged father, Vic (Samuel L. Jackson). Vic suddenly needs his son’s help when his former partner in a gang of thieves, Jinx (Hannah Waddingham), forces him to stage an elaborate milk heist at a lactose farm to pay off old debts.

According to When to Stream, The Garfield Movie will be released for digital streaming via premium video on demand on July 9th.

While When To Stream’s release date announcements are usually accurate, the website states that The Garfield Movie’s PVOD debut has not yet been announced or confirmed by the film studio, Columbia Pictures/Alcon Entertainment. The date is still subject to change. The Garfield Movie was distributed by Columbia’s parent company, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Once The Garfield Movie is available for digital streaming, it will be available on PVOD on platforms such as Prime Video, AppleTV+, and VUDU. The Garfield Movie is currently available for pre-order on digital platforms for $24.99.

The pre-order price is typically the same as the purchase price for PVOD titles, but the digital rental price is typically $5 less, at $19.99. Digital movie rentals are valid for 48 hours after a viewer starts watching the movie.

How was The Garfield Movie received by audiences and critics?

According to box office hit The Numbers, The Garfield Movie, which was released in theaters on May 24th, grossed $90.3 million in domestic theaters and $150.3 million at the international box office, for a total of $240.6 million worldwide.

According to The Numbers, The Garfield Movie had a production budget of $60 million, excluding printing and advertising costs.

Reception of The Garfield Movie was fairly mixed among critics and audiences.

Critics at Rotten Tomatoes gave the animated family comedy a 35% “rotten” rating based on 130 reviews, while RT users gave the film an 80% “fresh” audience rating based on over 1,000 verified user reviews.

Garfield the Movie was a surprise hit at the domestic box office over the four-day Memorial Day weekend in May, narrowly missing out on the top spot to Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga.

However, the film did manage to claim the number one spot at the domestic box office during its second weekend of release.

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