Google doodle celebrates the Uruguay Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Uruguay Independence Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Uruguay Independence Day! The South American country officially declared its independence from Brazil on this day in 1825.

The Night of Nostalgia, also known as Noche de la Nostalgia, is a well-known event that sees vintage pop, rock, and disco songs played in dance clubs and on radio stations all around the nation the night before Independence Day.

The next day, celebrations across the country include patriotic ceremonies, amazing fireworks displays, and performances of the national song. Did you know that the national anthem of Uruguay lasts about five minutes? It’s the world’s longest one!

The Uruguayan flag is seen in today’s artwork flying high in the sky as its citizens honour the efforts made by their forefathers to gain independence. To celebrate their hard-earned freedom, many people gather with loved ones while reaffirming their commitment to building a better nation for all.

Happy Independence Day, Uruguay!


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