Google doodle celebrates the Slovenia’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Slovenia’s National Day

Today’s annual Doodle celebrates Slovenia’s National Day (Dan državnosti). On this day in 1991, Slovenia declared independence from foreign rule and became a free nation.

The earliest roots of Slovenian independence date back to a 1987 article in the magazine Nova revija, in which several academics called for independence from Yugoslavia. Shortly after, the Human Rights Defense Committee organized an inclusive democratic movement that strengthened Slovenian nationalism throughout the country. In December 1990, an independence referendum was held, with 94.8% voting in favor of sovereignty.

On National Day, the white, blue and red flag is raised over Ljubljana Castle, where independence was first declared. The tricolour band represents a united Slovenia, and its coat-of-arms symbolizes the country’s lush landscape. Many people will be taking part in celebratory gatherings in the capital, while others will be enjoying the great outdoors with hikes and seaside activities.

Happy Dan državnosti, Slovenia!

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