Google doodle celebrates the Icelandic National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Icelandic National Day

Today’s doodle celebrates Iceland’s National Day. On this day in 1944, Iceland officially became a republic after 96% of the population voted to adopt a new constitution. The holiday also marks the birthday of Jon Sigurðsson, a leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement. It’s customary to lay wreaths and flowers at his grave on June 17th.

Fun celebrations take place across the country, including parades, dancing, live music and face painting with the Icelandic flag. When it’s not raining, the holiday is celebrated outdoors, with street vendors selling hot dogs and cotton candy to visitors. Children can be seen eating lots of sweets and holding balloons while listening to inspiring speeches and lively concerts.

Many people wear traditional costumes, including Fjallkona (Lady of the Mountains). On this holiday, she leads a parade through the city of Reykjavik and reads a poem commemorating the country’s independence.

Gleðilegan þjóðhátíðardag, Ísland!

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