Google doodle celebrates the Georgia Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Georgia Independence Day

The Doodle for today honors Georgia Independence Day! On this day in 1918, the nation laid out the Popularity based Republic of Georgia and announced its autonomy from Russian domain.

After a morning oath-taking ceremony in Freedom Square in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, concerts and military parades take place in the afternoon. As the soldiers march down the street, the buildings and poles of the soldiers are adorned with the national flag, just like the one in today’s Doodle.

Supras, which are Georgian feasts, are popular celebrations. These occasions are driven by a speaker, or tamada, and can keep going for as long as 12 hours as participants eat, drink, and dance until quite a bit later. Pretty much every supra makes certain to utilize slam horns or porcelain reproductions for cups and serve Georgia’s national dish khachapuri-a tasty cheddar stuffed bread.

Georgia, Happy Independence Day!

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