Google doodle celebrates the Algerian Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Algerian Independence Day

Today’s doodle celebrates Algeria’s Independence Day. On this day in 1962, Africa’s largest country became a sovereign state, ending more than a century of French rule. The national holiday honors the hardships the people endured on the path to independence, including eight years of war.

On the eve of Independence Day, people from all over the country gather in the capital, Algiers. Patriotic songs ring out beneath the feet of celebratory ethnic groups and military personnel as they parade through the city center. Today, flags adorn homes and buildings, like this doodle.

The day is lively with speeches and military demonstrations with fighter jets flying overhead. Algerians celebrate by wearing white and green in parades, parties, concerts, and spending time with loved ones.

Happy Algerian Independence Day!

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