Google doodle celebrates Tanzania Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Tanzania Independence Day

The Doodle of today celebrates Independence Day in Tanzania. After centuries of foreign rule, the East African nation declared its sovereignty on this date in 1961. In 1954, a successful independence movement brought an end to the British occupation of Tanganyika. The state names of mainland Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar were combined shortly after independence to form the United Republic of Tanzania. The holiday of today commemorates these regions’ coexistence.

In Tanzania, there are a lot of Independence Day celebrations, including a weeklong festival where people wave flags and enjoy parades and speeches to celebrate their sovereignty.

The national colors, like those in today’s Doodle, are hoisted in the air during a flag-raising ceremony that kicks off the festivities. Seminars and speeches given by officials of the government are also attended by large crowds. A military parade follows, with Tanzanians dancing to cheery music on the streets lined with them.

Cultural dances and concerts take center stage at the national stadium on Independence Day as well.

Tanzania, happy Independence Day!

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