Google Doodle Celebrates South Africa Freedom Day 2021

Google Doodle Celebrates South Africa Freedom Day 2021

Happy Freedom Day, South Africa!

On this day in 1994, South Africa held its first post-apartheid elections, which granted citizens—paying little heed to their race—an equal opportunity to decide in favor of their national leaders.

The present Doodle praises this milestone anniversary, recognized annually as South Africa’s Freedom Day, with a depiction of the country’s national flower: the protea.

An symbol of South African identity and diversity, more than 330 species of protea are found within national borders.

The evolutionary origins of the protea trace back approximately 300 million years, making this ancient genus one of the oldest families of flowering plants found on Earth.

Protea iconography is featured across South Africa, from passports to birth certificates, to the 5-rand coin and the name of the national cricket team: the Proteas.

Opportunity Day honors all of the progress made since the historic 1994 elections, however the present observances also remind South Africans of the ways they can continue on bringing together the incredible nation for the name of equality.

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