Google Doodle Celebrates Russia’s National Day

Google Doodle Celebrates Russia’s National Day

Happy Russia Day!

The present Doodle, represented by Moscow-based guest artist Ksenia Kopalova, recognizes Russia’s National Day or essentially “Russia Day.”

On this day in 1990, Russia broadcasted state sovereignty and adopted its modern declaration, flag, and national anthem.

In spite of the fact that Russia Day has been celebrated since 1992, it is viewed as one of the country’s youngest holidays because of its official renaming on February 1, 2002.

Numerous Russians see today as the informal beginning of the summer season and take benefit of a day off work as an perfect opportunity to spruce up their gardens or view firework shows.

For those with cottages in the countryside known as dachas, Russia Day fills in as an opportunity to enjoy the summer weather with loved ones while taking in the moving rural landscape, which is reflected in the beautiful scene depicted in the present Doodle artwork.

С днем России!

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