Google doodle celebrates Qatar’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates Qatar’s National Day

Today’s Doodle honours Qatar’s National Day, also known as Founder’s Day, which marks 143 years of national union.

The maroon and white Qatari flag, depicted in the Doodle artwork, is the most enduring symbol of today’s commemorations, displaying symbolism that is reflective of Qatari heritage and sovereignty. This flag, which was adopted in 1971, includes a historically significant maroon shade in honour of those who have made sacrifices for the country’s freedom, as well as white, which represents peace.

The Qatar National Library organised a series of activities throughout December to commemorate National Day and highlight Qatari history, culture, and legacy, ranging from talks on famous architectural structures to youth environmental initiatives. The celebrations will come to a close with a Qatar Youth Art Exhibition, which invites young artists to use art to express their pride in Qatari culture.

Happy National Day, Qatar!

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