Google doodle celebrates Paraguay’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Paraguay’s Independence Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Paraguay’s National Independence Day, or Da de la Independencia Nacional. Paraguay declared independence from Spain on this day in 1811, becoming the Americas’ second independent nation.

Men and women dress up in hats and bombachas or brightly coloured shirts and rebozos to celebrate Paraguay’s independence and go out into the streets to listen to live music. Throughout the day, Paraguayans can enjoy extravagant parades, family football games, and outdoor barbecues. It wouldn’t be a celebration without sopa paraguaya and yerba mate, as well as the sight of Paraguay’s distinctive two-sided design flag triumphantly in the streets.

The flag of Paraguay, shown in the Doodle artwork, is one of the few national flags in the world having different symbols on both sides. The Paraguayan coat of arms is in the centre of one side, while the treasury seal with the national motto “Paz y justicia” (“Peace and Justice”) is on the other.

Happy National Independence Day, Paraguay!

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