Google doodle celebrates Nicaragua National Day

Google doodle celebrates Nicaragua National Day

The Doodle of today honours Nicaragua National Day, the celebration of the declaration of independence. The nation, along with a number of other Central American states, became independent from Spanish authority on this day in 1821.

A torch ceremony kicks off the festivities for Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras collectively. The “flame of independence” is ignited in Guatemala and relay-marathoned through the five nations. In order to honor the voyage made in 1821 when word of Central America’s independence spread, local students in Nicaragua carry the light on foot to Costa Rica.

Many Nicaraguans celebrate the holidays by decorating their homes, cars, markets, and streets with the country’s flag, as shown in today’s Google Doodle. Nicaraguan school marching bands gather to compete for the honour of nation’s top musical ensemble, unlike other Central American nations. Folk dances, poems, and song performances are also featured at this festival.

Happy Nicaragua National Day!

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