Google doodle celebrates ‘New Year’s Eve 2021’ with animated candy, confetti and lights

Google doodle celebrates ‘New Year’s Eve 2021’ with animated candy, confetti and lights

This year, Google, a search engine based in the United States, has opted to go all out with its New Year doodle. As the year 2021 draws to a close, this New Year’s doodle contains a lovely animated design to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The statement accompanying the December 31st Google Doodle, which was released at the stroke of midnight on Friday, said, ‘That’s a wrap for 2021—Happy New Year’s Eve!’ A candy popper with the year 2021 is featured in the animated Google Doodle. On top of the letter ‘G,’ the letters of Google are additionally decorated with jacklights and a party cap.

A new page will open with confetti all over your screen as soon as you click on it. Look for an animated confetti cone on the right side of the page. When you click it, confetti will fly across your screen once more.

Google has often created elaborate doodles for New Year’s Eve, but this year’s artwork was somewhat simple. Last year’s doodle included an old school bird house with the number 2020 written on it, as well as fairy lights adorning other letters of the Google logo.

The last day of the year, New Year’s Eve, falls on December 31 in the Gregorian calendar. New Year’s Eve is observed all across the world on this day. Throughout the world, billions of people celebrate the evening with parties, festivities, and fireworks while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. People frequently make resolutions to stop engaging in bad lifestyle behaviours or displaying unfavorable characteristics. Some people make a decision to achieve a personal objective.

But, like last year, the year is coming to a close on a grim note. States and union territories have tightened restrictions days ahead of New Year’s celebrations, citing fears about the fast-spreading new Omicron form of Coronavirus. All festivities on beaches and in private areas have been banned in Mumbai and Tamil Nadu, while Goa Chief Minister has made a Covid-19 negative report a requirement to attend parties or enter eateries.

The new variety was found in the samples of a 52-year-old man who died of a cardiac arrest in Pimpri, Maharashtra, on Thursday, marking India’s first ‘Omicron fatality.’ Furthermore, the country has seen an alarming increase in the daily tally of Covid-19 cases, with infections rising by 27% in just 24 hours. The number of cases increased by 2.6 times in three days, indicating that the country is preparing for another wave.

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