Google doodle celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day

Today’s Doodle honours Mexico’s Independence Day with hand embroidery by special guest Maité Jiménez of Mexico City. On this date in 1810, Mexico began a 10-year war that won them independence from Spain.

The holiday was created when leaders of the revolution met in the Mexican hamlet of Dolores. The Cry of Dolores is a legendary speech delivered by a local priest that inspired his fellow people to revolt against Spanish tyranny. The priest rang the church bell to summon the villagers.

Even today, the night before Mexico’s Independence Day, the country’s president still rings the bell and delivers the same speech live on television. As Mexicans get ready for the celebrations the following day, fireworks light up the sky throughout the nation.

The Mexican military and municipal bands parade through Mexico City’s centre on Independence Day. As mariachi music fills the air, people assemble in the streets wearing red, white, and green. Mexican culture is permeated with embroidery, and the throng proudly exhibits hand-embroidered clothing and flags. The Bell of Dolores, like the one in today’s Doodle, is another popular design. Pozole, a stew seasoned with chilli peppers, onions, and limes, is a typical meal served during dinner parties hosted by family and friends in the evening.

Happy Independence Day, Mexico!

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