Google Doodle Celebrates Kuwait’s National Day

Google Doodle Celebrates Kuwait’s National Day

Kuwait has evolved from a maritime trading port for pearl fishermen and merchants in the early seventeenth century to a worldwide business powerhouse on the Arabian peninsula. Today’s Doodle honours Kuwait’s National Day, which is one of the country’s most important events.

The first national holiday was celebrated on June 19, 1961, the day Kuwait earned independence, but officials decided to move the anniversary to February 25 to avoid the harsh summer heat (which can reach over 52 degrees Celsius or 125 degrees Fahrenheit). Even in milder weather, revellers have a good time by meeting at local attractions such as Messila Beach and Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park, where families enjoy picnics.

The Kuwaiti national colours of white, red, black, and green, which appear on the flag in the Doodle artwork, can be found on everything from individual homes to balloons rising upwards from ships at sea. Local historical places’ traditional wind-tower architecture is adorned with national colours, as seen in the coastal village of Al Bahhar, one of Kuwait’s early maritime trading outposts.

Kuwait, have a Happy National Day!

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