Google doodle celebrates German Unity Day

Google doodle celebrates German Unity Day

German Unity Day, which celebrates the unification of East and West Germany, is the topic of today’s Google Doodle.

Germany was split into East and West after World War II by the occupying forces. In order to stop its citizens from leaving the country after the German Democratic Republic was established in 1949, the government erected the Berlin Wall in 1961 and shut all borders. After months of peaceful protests by residents, the GDR reopened its borders to travel in 1989, and the German people tore down the wall until it was gone.

On this day in 1990, an unity pact that had been negotiated over a year earlier came into force. As a result, the German Unification sparked widespread jubilation and put an end to the protesting phase.

The cultural and economic divide between East and West Germany became clear after many years of separation. Germans have gotten closer since reunification, developing a linked culture and a common language. Many Germans have gathered today to consider the importance of their difficult reunification. Regardless of ideological differences, history will always bind East and West Germans together. The Doodle for today captures this sense of cohesion and unity.

Happy German Unity Day to all!

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