Google doodle celebrates Georgia’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Georgia’s Independence Day

Georgia’s Independence Day is celebrated in today’s Doodle. Georgia declared independence on this day in 1918, establishing the Democratic Republic of Georgia.

The celebrations begin with public speeches from national luminaries and an oath-taking ceremony in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. Georgians attend concerts, parades, and displays honouring the state’s achievements and progress. Flags, like the one in today’s Doodle, adorn buildings and soldiers’ poles as they march in a military parade throughout the day.

Surpas, or traditional Gerorgian feasts, are held all over the country, and each surpa is led by a Tamada (toastmaster). To wash down the food, glasses, often ram horns or porcelain duplicates, are kept full at all times, demonstrating Georgia’s renowned friendliness and hospitality.

Lift up your ram horns and give a cheers to Georgia on their Independence Day.

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