Google doodle celebrates Finland Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Finland Independence Day

The Doodle for today honors Finland Independence Day.On this day in 1917, the Finnish Parliament approved the nation’s declaration of independence from Russia.Throughout a number of wars, Finnish soldiers fought for their country’s independence, resulting in a holiday to honor them.

The annual broadcast of Tuntematon Sotilas (The Unknown Soldier), a film about the Continuation War, and a flag-raising ceremony kick off the festivities.Additionally, many honor the fallen soldiers who protected Finland by placing wreaths on their graves.

Over a million people tune in from home each year to watch a grand military parade hosted by the Finnish defense forces.The presidential Independence Day reception and torch-lighting procession are two additional nationwide celebrations.

Numerous Finnish Independence Day customs include the display of the country’s flag, such as the one featured in the Doodle of the day.All day, you can see the national colors of blue and white:paint on storefronts, icing on baked goods, and candles on window sills are just a few examples.

From their window ledges, Finns light blue and white candles at night.The soldiers who have returned home are honored by one candle, while the soldiers who have died are honored by the other.

Finland, happy Independence Day!

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