Google doodle celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

This year, June 14 denotes the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar the day of the yearly Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwujie.

The present Doodle praises this old custom, which has a history that is over 2,000 years old.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a high-spirited tradition where competitors paddle long, vibrantly-painted long wooden boats into rivers and race to the completion.

The group of dragon boat sailors row as quick as possible toward an end line while one team member sits toward the front of the ship and beats a drum to keep up their speed and keep energy high. Spectators and racers alike enjoy zongzi, a tetrahedron-shaped sticky rice treat wrapped in reed or bamboo stalks believed to bring good fortune. In certain cultures, revelers add another friendly contest to the day—egg balancing.

Early afternoon is supposed to be the best an ideal opportunity to keep the egg standing!

Best of luck to everybody competing today and Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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