Google doodle celebrates Croatia’s Statehood Day

Google doodle celebrates Croatia’s Statehood Day

Croatia’s Statehood Day is celebrated in today’s Doodle. Croatia created its first democratically elected multi-party parliament on May 30, 1990.

Despite the formation of its parliament, Croatia was unable to break away from the old Yugoslavia right away. After 93 percent of residents voted for Croatia to become a sovereign state, parliament ultimately secured the ability to declare independence on June 25, 1991. This election has the record for the highest voter participation in Croatian history, and it is widely regarded as one of the most significant events in Croatian history.

Croatians mark Statehood Day by holding family reunions, picnics, and barbeques to commemorate the country’s democratic transition. To memorialise the slain troops who battled for freedom, public leaders also place memorial wreaths at various locations.

Croatia, happy statehood day! Or, as we like to say, Dan Dravnosti!

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