Google doodle celebrates 50th Bahrain National Day

Google doodle celebrates 50th Bahrain National Day

Happy National Day, Bahrain!

On National Day, Google’s Doodle honours the Kingdom of Bahrain, sometimes known as the “Pearl of the Gulf,” with a depiction of the country’s red and white flag. This long-lasting territory is classified as an island nation, although it actually consists of 84 different islands!

Bahrain has witnessed enormous economic, educational, and healthcare improvements since gaining independence in 1971, transforming the country into a major financial, commercial, and tourism hub in the Gulf. Bahrain’s historic achievements and culture are traditionally honoured over two days with magic and laser shows, music, broadcast fireworks, and acrobatic performances.

The national flag and lights are shown on many of the country’s prominent landmarks, such as the Riffa Clock Tower, and flowers are placed to beautify many of the country’s main streets.


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