DJ XO Graces Hook For Lil Keke’s Single Off Slfmade II

DJ XO Graces Hook For Lil Keke’s Single Off Slfmade II

Houston hip-hop legend Lil Keke features DJ XO on his song “Legend Talk”.  Opening Lil Keke’s album “Slfmade II” is the rack called “Legend Talk”. Over the hook is DJ XO and he does not disappoint. When you hear a Lil Keke song you know it’s going to be fire but as the opening track, it sets the tone for the entire project.

DJ XO is actually a hip-hop artist who hails from the city of Houston. Over hooks such as “Legend Talk” he is melodic and smooth. His name is mentioned among some of Houston’s heavy hitters and for good reason. Slim Thug, Sosamann, and Denzel Ward are some of the artists that XO has collaborated with.

Over “Legend Talk”, XO rides the hook while Keke spits the verses. It’s worth noting that it adds a smooth transition from Keke’s rough raps. This is one of my favorite collaborations from the two as they have collaborated before. “They need some inspiration right now,” says Keke in the first seconds of the song.

As an opener to a project it gives you the sense that when you listen to this record, Keke is about to give you that very ghetto gospel he is known for. When he does, you hear the organs and build up that brings you to 808 filled drums with a piano laced track. Make sure you check this song out on Apple Music, Spotify & Pandora.

Jason Hahn

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