Disney Plus Will Stream Marvel’s Bloodiest Films in the US

Disney Plus Will Stream Marvel’s Bloodiest Films in the US

Set your parental controls now because Logan and Deadpool are coming to Disney Plus.

Deadpool and Wolverine are making their Disney Plus debuts even though they are not yet a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Marvel puts all its chips in one basket.

Following Disney’s 2019 purchase of 20th Century Fox, it was only a matter of time. Now, on July 22, 2022, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan will air on Disney Plus in the US.

The movie Deadpool tells the tale of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a former member of the special operations forces who turned mercenary after becoming the subject of a rogue experiment that also gave birth to Wolverine.

Reynolds personally brought it to the big screen, and it was a huge success for Fox. Following the main plot, Deadpool 2 tells a time-traveling story that brings some of the most awesome X-Men characters to the big screen.

A moving conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine is provided by Logan, which tells the story of an older, more grizzled Wolverine who emerges from hiding to aid a young woman with amazing abilities. It’s a risky move, but not unexpected, for Disney Plus to add these 18-rated movies.

Although the movies have long been available on various streaming sites, one of the largest Marvel collections online will now be housed on Marvel’s dedicated brand page on the Disney Plus service. Which further Fox/Marvel films will be added to the programme is still unknown.

Funny enough, Disney is celebrating by giving away free chimichangas.

While supplies last, fans attending San Diego Comic-Con may pick up a free small chimichanga, also known as Deadpool’s favourite thing to utter. On Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23, “Disney+’s Deadpool chimichanga truck will be available at Seaport Village at the corner of Kettner and S Embarcadero in San Diego from 12-5pm PT on Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23”

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