Detox Diet: These 5-steps can help you to lose winter weight in summers

Detox Diet: These 5-steps can help you to lose winter weight in summers

Winter was a period when people ate comfort and nourishing foods and did not engage in much outdoor exercise. People become more tired when the temperature drops dramatically, and they typically adapt their diet to the weather by eating more carbohydrates and fats to stay warm and nourished. While eating high-fat foods and carbs might give the body with the necessary warmth, these foods are heavy on the body in the long term and are never properly digested, perhaps adding to summer body weight.

However, nutritionist Pritika Bedi feels that the hot weather in the summer depletes energy in the body, making it necessary to cut back on those extra calories in order to refuel and maintain weight control. In this scenario, a simple and efficient detox diet can help our bodies in a variety of ways, including boosting metabolism, managing body weight, fostering healthier skin, and removing toxins.

1. To start the day, a mixture of lemon juice, honey, and water can be consumed. To clear the intestinal system and activate the detox process, one can drink pure amla juice, aloe vera juice, or coconut water.

2. For lunch, fresh raw veggies, curd, chapati, and steamed lentils are all good options. When detoxing, it’s important to stay away from heavy starchy foods and veggies.

3. Green tea with a portion of fresh fruits can be consumed in the evenings. Carrots and hummus, a dark chocolate cube, or a Greek yoghurt smoothie are some options

4. A very light dinner is required on the detox diet. It could include a salad dish, soup, and sourdough bread. In addition, highly oily or heavy meats should be avoided at night. As a result, a lean chicken breast or salmon with veggies appears to be a decent choice.

5. It is necessary to boost physical activity in order for the body to fully benefit from the detox diet. Furthermore, to compensate for body weight gain during the winter, one must adhere to a tight diet and workout plan with fever cheat days.

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