Content Creator Dalip Celbeqiri Shares His Story Of Success

Content Creator Dalip Celbeqiri Shares His Story Of Success

Dalip Celbeqiri is the founder and CEO of DIY Simple, a video content digital Agency that partners with clients to increase their engagement and connections.

Education is one of the biggest concerns in everyone’s lives. Regardless of how successful you are in school or college, it is the kind of work and skills that are more important. While academics is important to find a career, one can even be successful with or without a degree. Dalip Celbeqiri is a prime example of it who Is not a college dropout but couldn’t be called an excellent student and it’s the brain behind the very popular social media brand called ‘DIY Simple’;.

In 4 years, his page has created a family of more than 4 million which is no less than a milestone in their career. He started the page with his partners back in 2016 with a small budget of 2000$ and today they have monetised the page withposting meaningful yet relevant content. 

Talking about it Dalip said, “We did not have a lot of money in our pockets. We planned to create a revenue generation model through our page itself. And within two years of the brand creation, we were approached by Facebook In-Stream Ads . That’s when we started earning from our content”.

Dalip Celbeqiri can be reached on Facebook and Instagram

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