Colts-Cowboys game is the first NFL game to stream on a sportsbook app

Colts-Cowboys game is the first NFL game to stream on a sportsbook app

Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts became the first NFL game to be streamed on an American sportsbook app.

On mobile phones and tablets, Caesars Sportsbook customers could watch a live, low-latency “Watch & Bet” stream of the Colts-Cowboys game. The “Watch and Bet” streams will be accessible for select games this season, as per a delivery reporting the send off of the new item.

The NFL, Caesars Sportsbook, and Genius Sports, the league’s official data distributor, worked together to create the stream.”The addition of live Watch & Bet video streaming brings the best that the NFL has to offer right into the Caesars Sportsbook app,” Eric Hession, president of Caesars Digital, stated in the release. While livestreams of NFL games have been available in some international jurisdictions in recent seasons, Sunday marked the first time an NFL game appeared on a sportsbook’s betting platform in the United States. Being the first sportsbook in the United States to offer in-app NFL livestreaming to customers is not something we take lightly because we continue to place a high priority on providing cutting-edge technology like this.”

Brent Lawton, vice president of NFL media strategy and business development, said, “We’re excited to offer fans a new way to experience and engage with NFL content.” Watch and Bet is a novel development in our collaborations with Caesars and Genius Sports.

Additionally, it marks a significant turning point in the NFL’s embrace of the legal betting market.Traditional sports betting was strongly opposed by the NFL prior to 2018, as it was feared that it would undermine the integrity of the game. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a federal law that had limited regulated sports betting primarily to Nevada, was overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States in 2018, and the NFL has since changed its position.

Over 30 states now have legal bookmakers that regularly advertise during NFL broadcasts.Additionally, sportsbook apps will now show some of those games.

Other NFL games planned to be spilled on Caesars Sportsbook’s application include:Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers, Dec. 11;December 18: New England Patriots vs. Las Vegas Raiders;Arizona Cardinals vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, December 25;and Los Angeles Chargers vs. Los Angeles Rams, January 1.

Caesars’ app will also stream some playoff games.

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