Chuseok 2022: Google doodle celebrates full moon festival

Chuseok 2022: Google doodle celebrates full moon festival

Today’s Doodle honours Chuseok (추석), as illustrated by special guest Dasom Yun of Seoul. This three-day celebration, sometimes referred to as the full moon festival, always starts on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. The day that Koreans visit their ancestral homes and celebrate with loved ones this year is September 10.

Chuseok, which means autumn evening, has its roots in Korea’s former agricultural civilization. It is customary for people to take a break and give thanks to their ancestors for a bountiful harvest whenever a full moon shines in a mid-autumn sky.

Chuseok is a Korean holiday marked by special meals and folk games. With offerings like recently harvested rice and songpyeon, many families attend a memorial service called charye in the morning to honour their ancestors (bite-sized rice cakes). Additionally, people enjoy delectable dinners with delicacies like jeon, a delicacy like a pancake that can be prepared with fish, meat, or veggies. Giving gifts to loved ones, friends, and coworkers has evolved into a new manner for Koreans to express their gratitude in the current era.

Happy Chuseok to all!

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