Celebrity’s Favorite Jeweler “Suny The Jeweler”

Celebrity’s Favorite Jeweler “Suny The Jeweler”

Shafiq Ali, nicknamed “Sunythejeweler” of Oxford Diamonds, has been a top NFL jeweler since 2015

Atlanta is Suny’s home. Suny gained popularity while working with the Falcons. His work was rapidly recognized. He’s worked with NFL players around the league for years. The NFL started ordering his high-quality diamond bespoke pieces and jewelry. All 32 NFL clubs use Suny. He helps with the next-day shipment.

Suny offers elite athletes high-quality diamond jewelry at unbeatable prices. When players want additional work, they contact @SunytheJeweler on Instagram and are quickly helped. Suny offers elite athletes excellent service and savings that beat Jewelers’ costs. His partnerships keep players coming back.

Challenges faced by him:

Being a celebrity jeweler may seem glamorous and interesting, but it’s not easy, and he only had to deal with other “jewelers” who made and sold costume fashion jewelry. This has done a lot of damage to the market because many stores now sell fake things like CVD stones, which are also called lab-grown diamonds. For those who don’t know what CVD is. Also called “fake.”

CVD stands for “Chemical Vapor Deposition.” This is the process of breaking natural gas like methane into carbon atoms that gather around a diamond starter to make a new diamond.

He is glad he has never been interested in such things and never will be. Because people trust him and his products, he has more than 140,000 regular customers. This makes him stand out from every other jeweler. His name is a trustworthy and skilled jeweler.

How he provides such good quality work:

His drive comes from trying to push his craft with each piece that stands out and making connections with his clients that will last a lifetime. He works directly with diamond suppliers from India and Dubai to get large amounts of Loose diamonds at the best price so that he can give my clients the best price. This assures that his materials are pure and ethically acquired and that the smallest details of each work are meticulously attended to.

Suny has changed everything about how jewelry is made. He has his diamond factory in Surat, India, with more than 120 well-trained and skilled diamond setters, people who make the products, and people who do the work together. He has helped NFL and NBA players from all over the world, especially those who live abroad.

Carrier Highlights:

He was the jeweler behind YouTube’s Logan Paul diamond case for his GS 10 Pristine, golden first edition Charizard card. He has also partnered with NBA All-Star Trae Young and Jonathan Taylor.

The Learning he follows and what you can learn from him:

Suny learned from his Grandmother. “You can’t take anything with you when you leave this world.” He’s never been a selfish person. He fed hundreds of people, some of whom tried to steal from him. This is a big reason why all of his items are priced in a way that makes them affordable for everyone. He thinks it’s better to have a customer for life than to make a lot of money from them just once. Money doesn’t matter much to him.

His dream and aspirations:

Suny envisions helping underprivileged youngsters. Always his aim. He wants to develop jewelry-design schools. He’d want to provide folks good with their hand jobs in this industry. For a prosperous and stable future. His diamond factory employs 120 people in India, and he aspires to help underprivileged nations. He wants to develop schools for youngsters who wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise.

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