Celebrating “Sawaddee”

Celebrating “Sawaddee”

The present Doodle celebrates sawaddee, the Thai method to welcome companions and outsiders the same. A specially received on this day in 1943, this greeting is given a wai: a supplication like posture conveyed working together with a bow that goes with the outflow of sawaddee. The motion through and through is intended to pass on regard and warmth.

Initially begat by etymologist Phraya Upakit Silapasan from the root word, “Svasti,” the Sanskrit word for “gift” or “prosperity,” sawaddee before long turned into an official piece of the Thai jargon.

Known as the “Place that is known for a Thousand Smiles,” Thailand is incredibly famous for its neighborly individuals and charitable accommodation. Today, sawaddee can be heard the nation over—from the unspoiled sea shores of the south, to the sanctuaries of the uneven north, and wherever in the middle of—exemplifying the inviting soul of Thailand.

Jason Hahn

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