Ayzo Capone is sitting on hits

Ayzo Capone is sitting on hits

What makes a star in 2021? Is it purely the quality of the music? Is it the pace and output of music?

Perhaps it’s the look or the energy that artist puts out. In the case of Ayzo Capone it may be difficult to determine if any of these are the stand-alone answers. Because Ayzo Capone possesses all of these characteristics.



Songs like Cry Wolf, Nightmare on J Block, Ice On, and Baddest Display the versatility of of Ayzo.

Switching between painful cries to fun melodies, and cool flows, it isn’t really easy to pin down or define Ayzo Capone to one style or flow. He’s sort of a chameleon in that aspect. You can feel his pain on one song and then he will take you down memory lane into some of his darkest hours with the same ease.

This is no easy feat.



Ayzo Capone was born in Kinston, North Carolina. We’re all too familiar with the numerous rappers coming from there. North Carolina is fast becoming a hotbed for talent on both the R&B and the rap side of things. Although we’re not as familiar with Kinston, NC maybe it’s time for that to change. Ayzo possesses the quality of music, a steady output of music, and has the look and energy. He appears to be just sitting on hits. If the right one catches fire we may be looking at a star!



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