A brand-new map and Geralt of Rivia are included in Fortnite Chapter 4’s battle pass

A brand-new map and Geralt of Rivia are included in Fortnite Chapter 4’s battle pass

As part of the launch of its most recent chapter, Fortnite recently received an entirely new map.Alongside the new fight royale island, Fortnite Part 4 season 1 likewise adds new weapons, new powers, and another fight pass that incorporates Destruction Slayer and Geralt of Rivia.The season will begin approximately a day after the event that marked the conclusion of Chapter 3 and run until March 10.

In terms of the changes to the gameplay, Epic has added a brand-new dirt bike vehicle and a whole new set of weapons for players to use.The Reality Augments, which give each player in a match a random upgrade like faster reloads for certain types of guns, special weapons, or the ability to redeploy your glider, are perhaps the most significant change in the new season.During each match, these random upgrades occur, and the longer a match goes, the more Augments players will collect.

This time around, the battle pass includes a few video game icons and a number of original skins.After purchasing the pass, players will have access to Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series and the Doom Slayer, the protagonist of Doom (2017).

The battle pass will, as usual, come with the ability to unlock all of the pass’s premium rewards and cost 950 V-Bucks, or roughly $9.50.Additionally, there will be a free version of the pass with a limited reward set that can be upgraded at any time to gain access to all of your previous achievements.

Epic has been making chapters shorter and shorter recently, so it is impossible to predict how long each new chapter in Fortnite will last.Chapter 3 will end almost exactly one year after it was released, whereas the first two chapters lasted nearly two years each. However, it is still too early to say whether this is Epic’s plan for future chapters.

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