7 Secrets Of The Perfect Blonde From Adina Brunetti

7 Secrets Of The Perfect Blonde From Adina Brunetti

Graceful, healthy, and shiny blond hair is the main detail of the image of a modern fashionista. Women, trying to keep up with fashion trends, use many not quite suitable ways to create a blond. It is challenging to obtain an excellent shade and even more challenging to maintain. We learned from Adina Brunetti the most important secrets of the perfect blond, which will always allow you to be stylish and attractive.

Blonde does not have to be cold.

The trend of today’s fashion is a very cold, platinum blond. Despite their color type and age, Ladies still ask stylists to complete this shade. In fact, the hair industry offers many different blonde tones. It is also worth noting that a cold shade requires the intervention of a brightening powder, which has a powerful effect and can significantly spoil the structure of the curls. As a result, the lady will get the desired cold blond, but only the hair will look very weakened.

Blondes need to spend more time grooming.

In addition to high-quality shampoos and conditioners, the blonde needs a tinted balm that will maintain the selected shade and prevent the appearance of yellowness. Haircare should be done before, after, and during hair color change.

Styling products.

It is best to minimize their number. You should also avoid products that contain alcohol. It dries the hair a lot, which is contraindicated for light-colored hair.

Styling devices.

Curling irons, hairdryers, irons, and other hair styling tools should also be used less frequently. Hair from hot air deteriorates very much. Thereby the hair structure becomes thinner, and the blond will look like dried straw.

A blonde should have her own stylist.

Changing different masters can lead to not the best results from staining. Every woman should have her own stylist who knows her hair, style, and the required amount of coloring products.

Protect your blonde from the sun.

Ultraviolet rays have a powerful effect on the structure of the hair. Blondes due to the scorching sun can destroy curls, thereby leading to split ends and thin strands. For this, coconut oil should be used, which creates a protective film for the entire hair.

Explore other blonde options.

Solid blonde is rarely used in the hair industry anymore. The transitions of shades from dark to light are popular. Thanks to the professionalism of masters, you can get a very beautiful and, most importantly, natural heterogeneous blond.

“Being a blonde is painstaking and difficult work. In order for your image to always be stylish, you need to take care of your hair, devoting a lot of time to the process,” – says Adina Brunetti.

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